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Welcome to the Ann Arbor Education Association’s Web Site.  We are the teaching, office and support professionals who work each school day and beyond to make Ann Arbor Public Schools resonate with the content and inspiration that prepare our students to reach their full personal and professional potential in the 21st century.  We are proud of our students, our work, and our schools. Thanks for visiting!

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Please take a minute to watch this recording of the last Board Meeting and be inspired by the educators who were bold and passionate in their pleas to the district to honor the agreement made last year between the AAEA and the AAPS.

Watch an inspiring talk from our very own James Robert (JR) who was honored by the superintendent and BoE for receiving the Kennedy Center Stephen Sondheim Inspirational Teacher Award at about 22 minutes, and then go to 40 minutes to listen to other AAEA Members who rocked the public commentary section of this BoE meeting. Please plan to attend all BoE meetings and wear black to show solidarity for those who will address the Board at public commentary for the rest of the school year.

We would like to thank The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal for highlighting an amazing AAEA Member - Jim Robert - and his class at Pioneer High School.   This is a very well written, in depth profile of JR and the great work he does in service for the students in the AAPS.


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AAEA members at Community High School wearing red in support of “Step UP for Steps” 2/25/15
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